Marla Spellenberg

Student Harpist, Pianist (youth), retired Graphics Artist &Technical Writer

I'm a Jill of all trades, master of none!

I'm now retired from many occupations over my years.  Just a few are Technical Writer (for software and hardware), Graphic arts (mostly Photoshop), Professional Mermaid at Weeki Wachee Springs, FL for over two years, Bank teller, Swimming and SCUBA instructor, Sports Massage Therapist (my MSc degree in Sport horses and riders), Biologist (BSc degree) covered Marine Cephalopods (octopus habitat, squid eyes), Botany, Paracitology & Microbiology, two theses in Genetics and Whale Communication (advisor Dr. Roger Payne), Home architect (custom built house from my plans). Small aircraft mechanic (worked with my instructor to do 100 hour inspections, later getting my private pilot license). LPN in Nursing.... Ok! enough!  LOL!!

Avocations are still swimming (yes with a tail, I give mermaid parties for children), SCUBA, my horses, cockatiels, kitty, turtles fish tanks, outdoor birds and wildlife photography, rug punch needle (not hooking).  Graphics (Photoshop mostly) is still big for me, editing my photos, and creating punch embroidery patterns (Russian needle and rug patterns).

Music was always playing in the background, even when I swam ballet underwater at the Springs!  I usually enjoyed what ever was playing, mostly.  I'm not fond of Rap or overly loud Metal, I listened to classical throughout my childhood and youth.  I took Piano lessons for 8 years, Trombone at school for a year, Guitar for a few years, and then, like most of you... Life took over.

Now, due to the restraints of being home from Covid-19 and prior maladies (Essential Tremor, Arthritis, 3 concussions and their after-effects on memory & neurology, an auto-immune disease, PMR, Polymyalgia Rheumatica (an inflammatory assault on my muscles & tendons ), Eww! Don't get old!  It's not for the faint of heart! But I persist!

My journey is now learning to play the harp.  I've loved harps since childhood.  I remember a Christmas play at church "The Nativity", and the Angel played Silent Night on her harp. I was sold.  My folks weren't!  I had to learn piano, because Mom, played it.  Dad played guitar and harmonica!  Harps were too expensive.  So now I have two lever harps (28 string Irish harp, 38 string floor harp, strung with concert harp tension), and awaiting a third, a concert/pedal harp. I'm an intermediate player and take once-a-week private lessons at Indian Hill Music School, Littleton, MA.  Harp instructors are hard to find! They have two! 😀 

My parallel journey is to learn to transpose piano music into harp notation.  I get stuck quite often trying to accomplish what would be so simple in Photoshop (if it were a music notation software) due to it's robust interface and adherence to the rules about programming an advanced application that works on the Mac or PC platforms. I've been using Musescore for about 1-1/2 years.  I'm learning alot from Marc, but still need lots of help!  Which is why I'm here!  Thank you Marc for teaching us the "ins & outs" of Musescore!

I'm so glad to meet others on this learning journey!  Be well, stay safe, get your Covid vaccine/jabs! Covid isn't over until we all are vaccinated.
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